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Frequently Asked Question!

  1. Among with the different  four seasons we are ready to export all the Egyptian available crops, either fresh or frozen according to the client needs.

Usually we are selling according to the market price but sometimes we can get a competitive price from the farms if the quantity is large but in the same time  we care much about the quality.

There are many ways to check the quality before the payment or even before the loading ..Either by visiting us in Egypt or sending someone  on behalf of the buyer .. another option is making   live videos for the clients daily about their shipments.

We can accept L/C  or advanced payment  for example 50% before loading and 50%  before getting the B/L  or or cash.

We never used that method before but we are opened mind to discuss it with the client.

We can sell any volume quantity starts from 1/2 ton using airfreights for example as long as the client satisficed with the final cost.

As soon as the payment procedures started we start to work on the shipment of the client.

After the payment is  done ” or the client open L/C at their bank ” we start packing the goods if they are ready  after they are washed , sterilized and  waxed if they needed it.

Then require a visit from the government ” minister of agriculture  to check the goods to get their permission for export , then loading and shipping.

Yes you are welcome to track your shipment status with us before shipping and after the vessel is sailed you can track the shipment through the B/L no.

If we can change it without any loses or damages we won’t hesitate to change it . 


We haven’t branches or stores abroad but if  our agent in your country has enough volume to cover your order we put you both in contact and you can place your order.

Usually we keep the quality as the agreement terms but if you didn’t like the quality because of our fault yes you can complain and we will compensate you asap or refund you if the problem from our side.

Yes if we didn’t proceed in your order yet.

What we offer to clients should be available in stock otherwise we don’t offer it.

Also if it’s available but low quality we don’t offer it.

If the delay from our side yes sure. ” If from the shipping line we won’t be able to compensate you as we do logistics as a service to the client with zero benefit “.

When we pricing the goods for the client we ask them about delivery terms  EX work or FOB or C&F  and each delivery term has its own cost and we give final prices!

Basically Agricultural certificate , Origin Cert , Invoice , Packing List , Bill of Loading , laboratory report if its needed.

We can operate in any point in the world , we have clever staff to get shipping rates to any port , or air freight rates to any airport in the lowest transit time. 

We will check the closest port/airport to you and work on it.

As soon as you have any complaint please stay in touch with our team work to get the best solution in a short time.


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